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And before you find out the truth, see if these gut-wrenching confessions below sounds familar to your situation:

  • If he strays from his predictable everyday behavior:
“My wife knew I was cheating before there was any real evidence. She said she could just tell.”  - Anonymous Husband Confession

  • If he has unpredictable mood swings:
“I was constantly looking for reasons to get away, and it was hard to think of new excuses all the time. So, I’d start a fight with her.” - Anonymous Fiance Confession

  • If he has a rapid change in weight or appearance:
“After I started my affair, I dropped like 10 pounds in about a week. It was crazy.”  - Anonymous Boyfriend Confession

  • If he has an overnight change in musical taste:
“I’ve never really liked jazz. But I struck up with this woman, we enjoyed it together. I started listening to it all the time, just to think about her.”  - Anonymous Fiance Confession

  •  If he remembers things wrong or loses track of the details:
“I was talking to my wife about a movie we saw and laughing about one of the scenes. She wasn’t laughing. I asked, ‘What? Don’t you remember?’ She then informed me that we hadn’t see it together.” - Anonymous Boyfriend Confession

  • If he needs lots of privacy:
“I was working from home and I started closing the door more often, saying that the kids were loud or that I just needed to work quietly. I was online chatting with my mistress.”  - Anonymous Husband Confession

  • If he has a drastic change in sexual appetite and style:
“I started my affair and all I wanted was sex, but not from my wife. She knew something was up, because our sex life was always pretty active.” - Anonymous Husband Confession

“After I started up with [my mistress], I started sleeping with my wife much more often. She told me I was really aggressive in bed and that she hadn’t seen me that way before.” - Anonymous Ex-Husband Confession

  • If he hides his financial history from you:
“I was meeting [her] for lunch almost daily. And our hotel visits were three or four times per week. Covering that was very difficult. I opened a PayPal account, got a PayPal debit card and attached a personal checking account to [my PayPal account]. I would make online transfers into PayPal and she couldn’t see any of my transactions.” - Anonymous Ex-Fiance Confession

  • If he has new “friends” at work and/or more work responsibilities:
“My company allowed me to work from home if I choose. But I had started a relationship with a new manager at the office, so I started going in to work more often. Extending my business trips a day before or after I was needed at a remote site, extended office lunches and late hours.” - Anonymous Husband Confession

  • If he’s secretive with his technology:
“iMessages on the iPhone are untraceable on cell phone bills. I would only text [my mistress] when it was safe and then delete the messages immediately. To this day my wife doesn’t know how I communicated with [my mistress].”  - Anonymous Husband Confession

If ANY of these confessions rings true with your situation, then you owe it to yourself to see who's hiding behind that number today.

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